Estate Lawn & Landscape is a family owned and operated lawn maintenance/landscape and snow plowing company located in Bruce Twp Michigan. Estate Lawn & Landscape handles both commercial and residential services.

Estate Lawn & Landscape was established in April 2005. Pat and Jennifer, a husband and wife team and co-owners built the business together and it grew into a family business as their children got older.

Their son Patrick and daughter Elizabeth also work for Estate Lawn & Landscape. Pat brought his many years experience as a foreman with another lawn maintenance/snow plowing company and dreamed of building a company of his own.

Patrick started working for the business while in high school and now is an extremely important part of the team. Patrick attends seminars and takes college courses contributing his knowledge to the business.

Jennifer handles all things administrative in the office with the help of Elizabeth. In 2015 after working for 22 years as an auto body repairman Pat retired to dedicate himself full time to Estate Lawn & Landscape.

Estate LawnEveryone working at Estate Lawn & Landscape has created a formidable team that can handle almost any job. Estate Lawn & Landscape is run by experience; promptness and hard work ethic. With the addition of another crew, it is their hopes to expand and hire a few special team members to uphold Estate Lawn & Landscape’s high-quality standards.